Quiz of the States Online 1.0.0

No Image State Capitals, Flags, Date of Entry into the Union, State Bird, Flower and Tree. No installation necessary. Runs in your web browser. Includes graphic of all 50 States. Questions and answers are computer generated. Every game is different. Downloads and installs in minutes. Try it first at . Includes categories for State Capitals, Date of Entry into the Union, State Bird, State Flower, State Tree

Hangman States for Windows 1.0.0: A geographical version of the classic hangman word guessing game.
Hangman States for Windows 1.0.0

States is a new take on the classic hangman word guessing game we all played when we were kids. It`s the easiest way to learn about all 50 US States. It features colorful, non-violent graphics, digitized sounds, State pictures and much more. Hangman States is secretly-educational. It`s played for fun, but you can`t help learning. Learn the names of the States, State Birds, State Capitals, State Flowers, State Nicknames and State Trees. Hangman States

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Single State Mapper 1.0

Single State Mapping Tool allows you to create maps of individual states with Microsoft® MapPoint® 2002, 2004 or 2006. Make maps of individual states. For various purposes, many users of Microsoft MapPoint would like to cover up neighboring states for their maps in Microsoft MapPoint. This tool allows you to do that. Demo data file allows you to create an individual map of Nevada. The full product supports all 48 contiguous US States.

maps, states, mappoint, individual

LearnStates 1.0: Nice game for learning the States and Capitals of the United States.
LearnStates 1.0

Nice freeware game from Arctic Owl Software for learning the States and Capitals of the United States. Play against the clock 3 different ways! 1) The game displays a state or capital name and you find it on the map. 2) The game flashes a State on the map and you find the correct name. 3) The game displays a state or capital name and you find it on the map until all the states are done.

game, geography, map game, states, united states

Excel-Tool Convert Excel Value 10.4.17: Convert Excel Date, Data Types, ZIP Code, Case, Phone Number to a uniform format
Excel-Tool Convert Excel Value 10.4.17

The software can convert Excel Dates to Weekday, Month, Quarter, Year, Day of year, Hour, Minute, Second; Convert Excel Case to Proper Case, Lower Case, Upper Case; Convert Excel Data Types to General or Text; Convert phone numbers to a uniform format, Phone Numbers format with brackets, dashes, slants, dots; Convert ZIP To City, State ZIP; Convert ZIP To City State; Convert ZIP To City, State; Convert City State to ZIP; Convert City to ZIP.

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Web Menu Creator 5.0: Create modern web buttons in Web 2.0, Vista, Mac, XP, Glossy, iPhone styles!
Web Menu Creator 5.0

state, 2-state, 3-state and 3-state toggle buttons using Web Menu Creator. 1-state buttons are simple static image buttons. 2-state buttons respond to mouseOver event creating rollover effect. Mouse click doesn`t change the button appearance. 3-state buttons support both mouseOver and mouseClick event. 3-state toggle buttons additionally stick in the pressed state after a click. Use images for icons, backgrounds of items. Using images you can create

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American Hangman Presidents and States 2.0.8: American Hangman is a fun, colorful, soundful, educational word-guessing game.
American Hangman Presidents and States 2.0.8

State outlines, digitized sounds and synthesized speech. American Hangman is a terrific way to get a headstart on History, Geography and Government. Learn the Presidents, the Vice Presidents, the First Ladies, Terms of Office, Party Affiliations and more. Learn the 50 States, the State Capitals, the State Birds, the State Flowers, the State Trees, the State Nicknames and much more. American Hangman is truly fun for all ages. The game that everyone

educational, hangman, states, k 12, state nicknames, civics, state trees, presidents, government, history, state birds, geography, state flowers

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